Indian Child Welfare

Program name: Indian Child Welfare/Child Protection

Description: The Seneca-Cayuga Indian Child Welfare Program proposes to provide a program for Indian children and their families by providing direct services and coordinating resources with other agencies to prevent the breakup of Indian families.

Objective – Preventative Services

To prevent Indian children from being arbitrarily removed from their families and tribal affiliations by executing established procedures in the child custody proceedings as outlined by the Indian Child Welfare Act and its subsequent revisions. These procedures will prevent the breakup of Indian families and reflect the Native American culture, promoting stability and security of all Indian families.

Family assistance projects will consist of family counseling; individual counseling, parenting skills training and staff provided emergency care as well as referral to appropriate family crisis management agencies.

Foster Care

The Seneca-Cayuga Indian Child Welfare Program certifies foster homes that will provide a safe, healthy environment for children in foster care. The Seneca-Cayuga Tribe Business Committee has adopted Foster Care Certification Standards consistent with Tribal consortia intent and State of Oklahoma certification requirements. Foster homes are monitored on a monthly basis with reports filed by the Indian Child Welfare Director.

Indian Child Welfare acts as a liaison with court, law enforcement and Tribal agencies in this area on a continuing basis. Staff acts immediately upon receipt of notice of proceedings to determine the proper course of intervention within ten (10) to fourteen (14) days. Staff will contact and give all necessary legal notice to all concerned parties involved in these hearings in accordance with the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Indian Child Welfare does not get involved in Child custody battles between parents and divorce cases.

Contact: Cynthia Burlison – Program Director
Phone: 918-787-5452 x105