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What a terrific turnout we had for our Blackberry dance. For all the women who came to dance and the men who helped sing Nya-Weh. I also would like to thank our Shawnee brothers for coming down and helping us as well always some good leads there. As the summer is speeding by it is now time to prepare for Green Corn. Everyone is pitching in to make sure all the items needed are ordered and activities being organized for camp day. This is always been a special time for our people, when families come together for the week to catchup with each other and visit with friends they may not have seen since the last Green Corn.

We have a long list of naming to be done again this year. If you did not get named last year check in with the women pot hangers to let them know you are there. We try to name as many as possible but we must way in the heat and time, into how many are named.

I thought I would give a break down on the week in case you are coming for the first time or may not realize everything that is going on.Keep in mind these are all listed as Indian time, just thought I would put a disclaimer in there.

Let’s start with camp day. (August 5th)

Children’s activities: ( will be over by or in the community building)

10:00am – History of the Moccasin game (Community Building)

10:15am – Moccasin game (North vs. South)

11:00am – Seneca-Cayuga Fire Dept. demo/activities

12:00 noon – CCDF back pack giveaway (ages 5-12 yrs)

12:00 – 2:00pm – Face painting and snow cones

12:00 – 4:00pm – Big toys for the kids. The bouncing toys will water activities furnished by the Seneca-Cayuga Smoke Shop.

  • Double sided water slide
  • demo ball
  • water castle
  • giant slip and slide
  • fire station jump house
  • These are dry activities: the Coconut tree climb (ages 5-adult) and Trampoline Thing (age 6 – adult).

To insure a safe and fun time for the kids we ask that “Parents please supervise your children, they will have staff on hand but we are not responsible for accidents”

Around 11:00 – on : Kind of a tradition here with the Tobacco employees grilling hot dogs and hamburgers for the campers. They generally setup by the rock house

Monday August 6th main day

There is always activity by the long house on Monday. Feel free to come up and visit.

Early about 6:00 or 6:30 – The day starts with the fires being built one for the North and one for the South with each fire having a pot to cook the meet and corn.

7:00 or 7:30 – a half beef will be brought in for cutting up to be cooked.

7:00 – on – the younger boys are loaded up to go gather sumac for the offering ring.

8:00 – on – when the boys return they then go out and collect offerings (fruits and vegetables from the camps)

8:00 – on – as offering come in they are placed in the ring and someone stays there to accept these

12:30 – 5:00pm – once the meat and corn has cooked everyone prepares for the ceremonies (Thanksgiving address, baby naming, Stos-Koo-Wah, Harverst Dance). The offering are then divided among the people.

9:00pm – Night time ceremonies the seed dance and bean dance, followed by stomp dancing and  social dancing


Peach seed game begins today.

7:00am -  the pointers from the North and South begin picking up bets throughout the camps. It is a good idea to have your bets ready the night before, sometimes it is hard to function early in the morning after dancing all night. Just a reminder the bets should be cloth based such as clothes (shirts, dresses etc), no metal items and most importantly remember what you bet and bet on the right side (they do come by early).

9:00am -1 1/2 beef is cut up for the campers. They begin cutting when the bets start being matched. Once the bets are matched the pointers distribute the beef to the campers.

11:00am – 4:00pm -  Peach seed games begins and after a break for lunch continues till 4:00

5:00pm or so – Indian football for the kids and adults.

9:00pm – nightly ceremonies (Stos-Koo-Wah), followed by stomp dancing and  social dancing


Peach seed game during the day and the nigh time activities are the same as Tuesday unless the seed game ends.


Later in the week depending upon the peach seed game we have a visitors night, a day for the Sundance and the Pot Hanger supper.

I hope this helps give an idea on times and would like to thank all those involved in helping bring our people together. In closing I hope everyone enjoys themselves and come away with the spiritual medicine that is here for us. While the prayers in the longhouse give our thanks to the creator for what he has provided his people to sustain life, may he also help us to be strong and come together as a nation.


Ceremonial Chief

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