Tribal Contacts

The Seneca-Cayuga Nation strives to be of service to our people. In this website you will find contact numbers specific to each department. At any time you have questions, or need direction, you can call our main number at 918-787-5452. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

Business Committee
William Fisher
(918) 787-5452 x300
Second Chief
Terry Whitetree
(918) 787-5452 x301
Secretary / Treasurer
Thomas Weidman
(918) 787-5452 x302

First Council Person
Sallie White
(918) 787-5452 x305
Second Council Person
Patricia Armstrong
(918) 787-5452 x303
Third Council Person
Calvin Cassady
(918) 787-5452 x304
Fourth Council Person
Katie Birdsong
(918) 787-5452 x306

Director of Environmental
Environmental Specialist
Sherry Mead
Executive Director
Dennis Sisco
Water Quality Technician
Micco Emarthla
Assistant Executive Director
Roberta Haralson
Human Resources Director and Education Manager
Carol Brown
Substance Abuse Director
Josie Jones
IT Department - Network Technician
Davey Blansett
Prevention Coordinator
Kristy Chance
IT Department - Network Technician
DJ Birdsong
Governmental Specialist
Tax Commission/ Tags
Leslie McCoy
Melissa Morrison
CHR and Enrollment
Amanda Arnold
CCDF Intake Clerk- Grove
Stacie Wilkinson
Education Clerk
Michelle Morris
CCDF Coordinator
Shannon White
Staff Accountant
Jean Mitchell
Sue Channing
Staff Accountant
Kyle Ollis
Director of Public Safety
Chris Arnold
Staff Accountant
Anita Bearpaw
Director of Utility Public Works
Bill Spicer
AOA Director
Geraldine Teehee
Claims Committee
AOA Cook
Rhonda Birdsong
Indian Child Welfare
Cynthia Burlison
Domestic Violence
Career Resources
Raylene Hackler

Miami Office: has been relocated

In an effort to unite all departments of the tribe the Miami office has been closed and all personnel have been relocated to the Grove head quarters.

Grove Office:
23701 South 655 Road
Grove, Oklahoma 74344
Phone: 918-787-5452
Toll Free: 1-866-787-5452
Fax: 918-787-5521


Tribal Enterprises:
Grand Lake Casino: 918-786-8528
Toll Free: 1-800-426-4640

Seneca-Cayuga Tobacco Company: 918-787-7711
Casino Smoke Shop: 918-786-6646
Miami Smoke Shop: 918-542-7448


Tribal Departments:

Accounting Department918-787-5452
817-787-9440 - Fax
x330, x331, x332, x333
Child Care918-787-5452x101 and x102
Community Health Representative (CHR)918-786-9133
Domestic Violence918-787-5452x107
Environmental918-787-5452x340, x341, x342, x343
Family Services918-787-5452x125
Government Specialist918-787-5452x202
Housing Department918-787-5452
Tribal Human Resources918-787-5452x203
Indian Child Welfare918-787-5452x105
Information Technology (IT)918-787-5452x400, x401, x402
Business Development and Procurement918-787-5452
Public Safety - Fire Station918-787-9272
Substance Abuse918-787-6800
918-786-9066 - Fax
x450, x451
Tag Office - Tax Commission918-787-5452x250
Utility/Public Works918-787-6546x550
Wellness Center918-786-9133
918-786-9180 - Fax
AOA Building918-787-5405x113, x114
Cultural Preservation918-787-7979
918-786-9245 - Fax